Escape from the Ordinary


    A Family Tradition...

     A Cut n' Edge originated in Lizton Indiana in 1982.  My father started the business for extra income at the time.  A few years into the business, he realized that there was more to be made than just a little extra income.  He started to expand the business into other services.  My father had big dreams for the future of A Cut n' Edge.  He added on new services, like lawn fertilization, weed control, landscaping, and snow removal. 
    As the business was growing older, sad to say, so was my father.  In 1993 he decided it was time to pass the business on to his family.  My older brother was the first to try his hand at the family business.  He was able to keep the tradition going for a few years, before he decided that mowing and landscaping was not for him.  He wanted to try other opportunities, so of course I approached him with a deal that he could'nt refuse.
    The year 1999 was the year that I finally had my chance to see what I could do with the business.  In the beginning I had a lot of help from my brothers to secure a new chapter for A Cut n' Edge.  Since I have taken over the business, I have added all the original services and much more.  With today's technology we are able to do things that my father could only dream of.  We are able to reach out to more people, and educate others about the green industry like never before.  We have taken on contracts that we thought were never reachable. 
    I believe that a lot of our success has to do with the honesty, quality, and professionalism that we install into the business.  Every customer is treated with the utmost respect and honesty.  We have on going contracts with some customers since day one.  We owe a lot to those customers.  They took a chance back in 1982 to choose A Cut n' Edge for their lawn care, and have never questioned our service yet.  We are very proud of that accomplishment, considering all of the competition that is out there in the green industry today.
    I see a bright future for A Cut n' Edge.  I have set a lot of goals that I intend on reaching in the next few years. I believe that growing up with the same family values that was installed in me, anybody can reach their goals if they put their mind to it.  I now am raising a family of six of my own.  One day I hope to do the same thing that my father did, I hope to pass on the family tradition to my own children, and I hope that they will take the same attitude as I did and keep the family tradition going for years to come

 ~  Dustin M. Stamm


Mission Statement

    To provide quality professional lawn and landscape maintenance at reasonable prices and to give our customers sound advice and planning with a personal touch.

       ~  Dustin M. Stamm 


    We are now located just a few miles away from where we originally were based, in Pittsboro Indiana.

A Cut n' Edge
P.O. Box 26
Pittsboro, IN  46167