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Project EverGreen
                                                              These fact sheets will help you better understand the importance of well maintained turf and landscape projects.

PLANET                                               This is a helpfull network to the Green Industry that A Cut n' Edge is an active member of.
                                                             Ohio State University is another great resource for Horticulture related studies and hosts an huge array of resources.

The Weather Underground

                                                             The Weather Underground is committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate weather information possible. Their state-of-the-art technology monitors conditions and forecasts for over 60,000 U.S. and international cities, so you'll always find the online weather information that you need.

The Old Farmer's Almanac    

                                                              This is the Old Farmer's Almanac website. They have a lot of history on predicting various weather conditions.  This includes snow, rainfall and drought.

Purdue Lawn Publications

                                                              All of the most recent lawn publications are found here.  The web page also includes information of turf insects, diseases and moles in addition to the publications on turfgrass establishment and maintenance.

Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab

                                                              At the top of the page you can search the entire website for insect, disease, weed and other plant problem information.  The P&PDL Updates provide current plant and pest information during the growing season.

Purdue P.L.A.N.T.

                                                             This is the Purdue Landscape and Nursery Thesaurus.  It is primarily intended for professional landscape contractors/managers and commercial nursery growers in the Midwest and northeast U.S.

Pesticide Database Searches

                                                              This website of the Office Indiana State Chemist provides a database to search for registered pesticides by active ingredient, pest, application site and other factors.

Google (general search engine)

                                                               This general search engine can help you two ways if you narrow your focus in your searches.  To quickly find information from Purdue on a topic, type Purdue along with the topic of interest.



Some of Our Favorites

  The Internet has a wealth of information for gardeners but not all of it is reliable.  We like to start with the Purdue website information first because much of it is targeted toward gardening in Indiana.



Keep in mind that not all information from other states will be suitable for Indiana.  These resources are here for your convience, so please use them.  They will answer alot of your common questions.